Saturday, September 29, 2007

Went to a Forum ...

On Thursday evening I went to a question - and - answer forum called "Why do Catholics?," which was a forum where people could ask questions about why Catholics believe or do something. I decided to go to this forum because I was raised as a Protestant, and I did not know much about Catholicism. I wanted to learn about Catholicism, so that I had better understanding of it.

While I was sitting and listening to the speakers, I realized just how narrow-minded I am at times. I later realized that I must have thought that I had God neatly pegged into a hole. And that is wrong. God is infinitely more than I can imagine, and I think he used this forum to point out my errors. (It does take a lot of courage to write that. Sometimes we don't want to admit when we are wrong.)

So, as you can imagine, I came away from the forum with a profoundly different view of myself and how wrong I was.

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